References & Sitemap

General References:
1. Wikipedia: LASIK
– comprehensive LASIK information with links & references.

2. US Food & Drug Administration: LASIK
– LASIK education, including step-by-step animation.

3. LASIK Complications
– non-profit advocacy group against LASIK surgery.

4. Vision Surgery Rehab Network
– support site for people with LASIK complications.

Singapore Resources:
1. Ministry of Health (MOH)
2. Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)
3. Jerry Tan LASIK FAQs

Singapore Media References:
1. Thinking of Lasik surgery? Don’t rely on the ads alone.
– Asiaone article, 7th Dec 2007

2. MOH concerned over misleading Lasik ad claims.
– Asiaone article, 22nd Nov 2007

3. If Lasik is so safe, why do docs still wear glasses?
– Straits Times forum discussion, 4th Jan 2009