Possible LASIK Risks and Complications
As with any other types of surgery, there are some risks and side effects with LASIK too.

One of the risks is flap complications, whereby the flap is cut incorrectly and may not adhere properly. This risk can be reduced by using a more precise IntraLase laser.

There is also a potential for particles to get trapped under the flap, leading to inflammation or scarring. Another possible complication is “dry eyes”, which if left untreated, can compromise the vision.

Fortunately, these risks can be minimized with good pre and post-operative evaluation and patient care.

Patients with large pupils may have night-vision problems like glare and halos. New technological advancements, like the Wavefront measurement system, can better detect visual irregularities and prevent these.

While most patients respond similarly to LASIK, there is a possiblity of “undercorrection” or “overcorrection” in the event that a patient responds differently. This problem can be alleviated with a follow-up LASIK treatment, usually termed as “Enhancement Surgery” on the sales page.

For example, in “undercorrection” a myopic patient under-responds and still have myopia, albeit in lower degrees. In “overcorrection”, the myopic patient over-responds and goes straight from myopia to hyperopia.

While the above may scare you, the actual risks in LASIK surgery are quite minimal.

According to a 2008 research by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Study, based on 3,000 articles published over 10 years and 19 studies done on 2,200 test subjects, LASIK patients worldwide had a 95.4% satisfaction rate.

Nonetheless, patients are advised to “hunt” around and consult more than one LASIK surgeon, and to not solely base the decision on price alone.

Enquire about the doctor’s track record, ask questions about pre, during and post-op so that you are better prepared and ensure the doctor conducts a thorough evaluation before recommending the treatment.

Singapore isn’t without its own horror stories and the LASIK industry has been so competitive recently that the MOH had to intervene with stricter regulations.


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*Warning: For proper medical advice about LASIK, please consult a LASIK Surgery and Eye Clinic in our directory.

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