Cost of LASIK in Singapore

The purpose of the table below is to give readers an idea on the current costs of LASIK eye surgery in Singapore and how much they differ between the clinics. The following is based on the information published on the respective websites.


  1. LASIK is not eligible for government subsidies or Medisave, except when there is a difference of more than 3 diopters (or 300 degrees) between both eyes, or if your ophthalmologist certifies that you have intolerance to spectacles or contact lenses. Only then can you claim up to $1,200 for each eye.
  2. Fees published below may not be exact. Please check directly with the respective LASIK clinics for the latest prices.

ClearVision Eye & LASIK ClinicTrans-epiLASIK Package Price (both eyes)$3,625.16 (After GST)
Pre-LASIK Evaluation Day (Payment to be made after the evaluation)
(Full Price List)Pre-LASIK Evaluation (Patients aged 18 – 45)$25.16 (After GST)
Pre-LASIK Evaluation (Patients aged 46 & above)$91.60 (After GST)
Surgery Day (Remaining amount to be made on the surgery day)
Surgery/Treatment (Patients aged 18 – 45)$3,625.16 – $25.16 = $3,600.00 (After GST)
Surgery/Treatment (Patients aged 46 & above)$3,625.16 – $91.60 = $3,533.56 (After GST)
Shinagawa LASIK CentreAMARIS 750S Laser
IntraLase Wavefront LASIK
(Full Price List)Pre-LASIK assessment (For patients aged 18-49)$20.56
Pre-LASIK Assessment (For patients aged 50 & above) $100
Using the AMARIS Laser
IntraLase® Wavefront LASIK (both eyes)$3,888
IntraLase® Wavefront LASIK (one eye)$1,998
No Touch Epi-LASIK (both eyes)$3,388
No Touch Epi-LASIK (one eye)$1,848
Using the Wavelight Laser
IntraLase® Wavefront LASIK (both eyes)$3,888
IntraLase® Wavefront LASIK (one eye)$1,998
Cornea Collagen Cross-Linking for Keratoconus (one eye)$1,900
Cornea Collagen Cross-Linking at the time of LASIK (one eye)$800
Medications From$50
Enhancement Surgery within 3 years (when needed)$280
Medical Report (when needed)$100
The Lasik Surgery ClinicPrices Include GST
(Full Price List)Pre-LASIK/ReLEx® SMILE Evaluation
ServicesFor Patients Aged 18 – 49$27
For Patients Aged 50 & above$107
Additional review (within first year) $54
Additional review (after first year)$107
Medical Report $86
TreatmentLASIK Bladeless (Standard)$3,198
LASIK Bladeless (Wavefront/ Topography-guided)$4,375
LASEK or EPI-LASIK From $3,626
ReLEx® SMILE$5,658
LASIK Xtra™$1,284
CC cross linking for Keratoconus$4,041
Optional TreatmentEvery seating of enhancement surgery for the first 2 years:
The above treatment include the following:
– Enhancement test
– Medication (excluding sleeping pills)
– 3 post-op reviews
– Eye plugs (when prescribed)

(Last updated: 17th Jan 2017)

Additional Information:

1. Most clinics offer LASIK with a choice of Microkeratome or IntraLase. The difference is the former uses an oscillating blade to create the corneal flap while the latter uses laser, which is a more precise method that is known to result in less complications and patients reporting better overall vision quality. From the above, IntraLase LASIK costs 30% more than standard LASIK on average.

2. Wavefront is an advanced measurement system that creates a 3-D map of how your eye processes images to guide the laser in reshaping the cornea. This allows the treatment of potential problems like glare, shadows and halos, that standard LASIK cannot. From the above, Wavefront LASIK costs up to 50% more than standard LASIK.

3. Epi-LASIK is a modification of PRK, where a blunt seperator is used to make a superficial flap. This method may be recommended to some patients but the disadvantages are there is more pain, higher chances of haze and scarring, and recovery is slower.


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*Warning: For proper medical advice about LASIK, please consult a LASIK Surgery and Eye Clinic in our directory.

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